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30ml American Stars

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30ml American Stars , 7.9 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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Premium e-liquid made in EU

30ml Bottle

Big Swapple

Big Swapple is our very own interpretation of the beloved sour-sweet apple candies.

Starting from a sour base, the liquid evolves its taste over time, ending in a pleasureful sweet candy finish. We simply love them and think you will do so as well!

Blueberry Cheesecake

No matter how, no matter where and no matter when, you have to try this!

Check out our interpretation of Grandma’s old recipe. You will love it!


Blue Magic

Blue Magic is a tidal wave of flavours that will rush your minds!

Blue Magic combines a wide variety of fruit flavours, such as Blue Raspberry, Strawberry and a kick of cool, icy Menthol. This unique blend is absolutely awesome!


Coco Choco

Creamy Coconut, crispy Almonds and a rich chocolate flavour.

Choco Coco is the optimal fusion of creamy Coconut, crispy Almonds and a rich chocolate

flavour. This liquid is sweet, strong and it would be a shame not to try it.


Easy Rider

Wild, strong and free…

Does this attitude fit to you?

Check out this fine special tobacco flavour with a kick of rocking road dust and a soft core and be part of a whole new era of tobacco vaping!



Grasshopper is a liquid that gives you a cocktail experience par-excellence!

The rich and intensive mix of Creme-de-Menthe, Creme-de-Cacao, whipped cream and a slight

touch of Vanilla creates the fusion of pure green pleasure! Enjoy it and relax!

Honey Hornet - NEW !

Well, then try our new Honey Hornet. Featuring a great blend of roasted nuts, milk, banana and cereals, refined with sweet honey , this will definitely do the job! Go ahead and take a ride with the Honey Hornet!


Jamaican Fruit

Would you like to vape some sunshine?

With an exquisit mixture of pineapple juice, sun-ripened peaches and a shot of amaretto, our

liquid Jamaican Fruits could be the right option for you!

Milky Moooo - NEW !

The combination of fruity strawberries and tasty white cream is soo good and makes the milky cow Moooo!


Miss Maple

Do you like the taste of waffle with a sweet and sticky touch of maple juice?

For sure, this is the right taste for you! American Stars Miss Maple is the delightful composition

of yellow waffle, mixed with an incredible shot of pure sweet maply syrup. Yummy!

Mr. Melon - NEW !

Looking for a sunny fruit mixture of mango, papaya and honey melon, dressed elegantly with a bowler hat? Go and try our new American Stars liquid Mr. Melon, which offers you all that. Elegant, fruity and so so melon!


Nutty Buddy Cookie

Nutty Buddy Cookie is simply delicious and soo tasty!

The sweet buttery note of cookie, combined with a slight Vanilla sweetness is making this liquid

one of our favorites: sweet, fat, Nutty!


Old Toby

Some people call it, the best herb in the southern regions.

Old Toby is a liquid, full of character. Its aromatic and austere taste is rounded up by a fine note of tobacco. Hmm, delicious!


Peach's Peaches

Peach’s Peaches are no normal fruits!

The sweet taste and the juicy feeling are causing an explosion of fruitiness in your mouth. As we said, not normal but soo good!


Peanut Butter Cup

Delicious fusion of rich, tasty peanut butter and dark chocolate.

Peanut Butter Cup is a delicious fusion of rich, tasty peanut butter and dark chocolate. This

combination is just too good to deny it!



Try it and go on a journey into a new galaxy!

R2Y2 is a sweet tobacco flavour, featuring the sweet note of caramel with a slight touch of

vanilla. Turning those tastes into a spacy vaping experience, R2Y2 is a liquid from outer space.


Red Indiana

Are you a fan of dry, almost rough tobacco flavours?

Well, Indiana could be your liquid of choice. By combining the finest American tobacco tastes,

our Indiana has a traditional tobacco note, creating the reminiscence of a hot day in the desert.

This liquid is the right choice for vapers, searching for a masculine tobacco flavour.


Strawberry Cheesecake

Welcome to the bright side of life!

Strawberry Cheesecake is the perfect combination of sweet and sticky and will make you go wild!


Strawberry Fields Forever

Sticky, juicy and a whole lot of fresh fruit!

You love sweet and sun-ripped strawberrys fresh from the field? This liquid will punch you on

your sweet side!

09/2/2016 Jason C. OMG Got the Strawberry Cheesecake version never again it like vaping oil,no taste, very bad after taste in your mouth only good for the bin, waste of money.

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