100ml The Big Tasty Shortfill eLiquid
  • 100ml The Big Tasty Shortfill eLiquid

100ml The Big Tasty Shortfill eLiquid


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Introducing the Big Tasty, a range of delicious vape juices you can take at face value, they're big and tasty! This ethos goes for the flavour profiles too. Proudly made in the UK, give them a try and find out why everyone is talking about the Big Tasty!

100ml 0mg (no nicotine) The Big Tasty shortfill

70% VG

2x 10ml 18mg Nicshot included

Aquamelon Pome

Two big fruity flavours collide head on, juicy pomegranate and summer watermelon result in one tasty eliquid!

Blue Sonic Blast

Blue Sonic Blast keeps things fruity and very sweet. This blend is a mix of blueberry and raspberry flavour that is refreshing and tangy.


Citra Berry Cosmo

The tastiest cosmopolitan around, this icy fruit mixture is packed with sharp lemons, sweet limes and freshly squeezed blackcurrants!


Dragon Fruit Twist

The stuff of legends, this dragons tropical fruit doesn't breath fire but, a sweet mist of raspberries and rich black currant...

Grape Blast

Packed full of aromatic and sweet grapes. Grape Blast has a great depth of flavour for a taste that’s as refreshing as it is satisfying.


Guava Limonada

Italian lemons are known for their delicious and sharp flavour, Big Tasty have soothed that bite with a refreshing splash of tropical guava!


Kiwi Lemonade

Homemade lemonade with a sweet twist of fresh kiwi slices, we can't wait to try a big, tasy pitcher!


La Rosa Tropicana

A sweet, pink tropical mix is layered up with rick blackcurrants and a handful of floral raspberries for a truly unique vaping experience!


Lime Cola Libre

Paying homage to a tasty Mexican cocktail, big tasty have infused an icy cool, spiced cola with big slices of juicy lime!


Midnight Berry Colada

When the summer night draws in, we reach for a dark blend of blackberries, juicy strawberries and of course, smooth coconut milk in a tasty cocktail!


Raspberry Mojito

Reimagine the classic mojito, in with the mix of juicy lime, fresh mint and cool rum is a sweet raspberry flavour explosion that takes this vape juice to another level!


Strawberry Daiquiri

A big, bold and tasty cocktail that perfectly balances sharp lemon and limes with sweet summer strawberries, just what you need when chilling by the pool!

Strawberry Kiwi Blast

Strawberry Kiwi Blast is a sweet blend of juicy strawberries and refreshing, kiwi. Expect tangy citrus notes in this classic fruit blend.

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