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10ml Witchcraft e-liquid

60% VG


Witchcraft is a Premium quality e-liquid.

This e-liquid has a 60%VG-40%PG mix, made from the purest Pharmaceutical grade (USP/EP) ingredients.
They do NOT contain Diethylene Glycol (DEG).

You can choose between 3 mg/ml, 6 mg/ml, 12 mg/ml 18mg/ml nicotine strength.

Apple Pie

Creamy apple pie with a hint of cinnamon

A buttery crust surrounding juicy, sweet apples. A hint of cinnamon. The fresh scent wafting through the air. A traditional summertime food, apple pie is loved by so many. This e-liquid allows you to enjoy the fresh baked treat in a whole new way that is interesting and unique. If you are one of the many who enjoy this classic dessert, if you love cooked apples with a little bit of spice, then this e-liquid is for you. Bring summertime around anytime with the help of this flavored vapor, and add a little more enjoyment to your life.



Creamy coffee haven with a bite of cake

At the Battle of Camlann, King Arthur had been heavily wounded fighting against Mordred, he had to sail to the island of Avalon where his mighty sword was forged to recover his wounds. This liquid has all the power of the mysterious island, enchanted by the nine sisters to make it one of the most complex juices in our range. The mixture of fresh creamy coffee with a wide range of sweet elements blended together rounds this flavour to a creamy perfection.


Black Jack

Black aniseed and liquorice, just like the sweets…

Black Jack has a strong fear against anything with white colour – you will feel that on the first smell of this spicy juice, which is a strong aniseedy liquorice flavour, just like the black sweets of childhood. It’s like going back in time. Reliving the peaceful sweet times when you hadn’t touched a cigarette – and with Black Jack you will never have to again!



Mixture of red fruits and fresh mint

Only the most powerful witches can perform one of the most difficult rituals of witchcraft and wizardry called blood-magic. Our Witchdoctor was not just capable of executing the process, but to contain the essence in an elixir called Bloodstone. The luscious mixture of red fruits and fresh mint pops out from the bottle straight away, while it will leave a sweet liquorice aftertaste in your mouth when you vape it.


Blueberry Custard


The crownless king of forest fruits meets the ultimate creaminess in this uniquely blended flavour. On the inhale the blueberry totally dominates the flavour, but on the exhale the custard makes its debut with a creamy aftertaste that rounds up the whole sensation. Even if you just want to stick with simple fruity flavours our Blueberry Custard is worth a shot, you will definitely love the difference!


Cereal Killer

Curiously sweet cinnamon cereal

If you are curiously craving for a nice cereal flavour with a dash of sugar cinnamon then search no more: we are happy to introduce you to Cereal Killer, a sweet combination of lush cinnamon and morning cereal flakes with a nice sugar coating, leaving a mouthful of sweetness as the aftertaste. Either you prefer sweet or dry flavours, from the right tank Cereal Killer can give you the best of both worlds!



Doughnut filled with raspberry jam 

Who doesn’t love a nice raspberry jam doughnut? We definitely do, so we created the Doughnut flavour to enjoy it anytime, anywhere, without worrying about the calories! At the inhale you’ll be getting a nice and full dough flavour, and on the exhale the raspberry jam introduces itself, making it a round and complete pastry sensation that you can enjoy all day!


Forest Fruits


We are now wandering to a real tasty fruit mix, that contains a lot of berries in a perfect balance. Depending on your mood you will find it sour or sweet, and also you will recognize many of the delicious ingredients we have mixed just for our honored costumers. It’s not just something that mimics the taste of these amazing red and purple fruits, you can feel the freshly handpicked berries when you are vaping this luscious juice.


Frost Candy

Sweet and frosty raspberry candy

There are some legends about a fair market in Syberia where you can find a small booth selling the most freezing candy floss that mankind ever had – Frost Candy is based on these legends, getting you back to your childhood with a freezing aftertaste. The mixture of berries and sweet aniseed is just the start of it, once you will feel the frosty sensation you’ll get it why everyone thinks that the Frost Candy is legendary!




Imagine a nice cold breeze in your throat on the inhale with a sweet tone, but on the exhale comes the greatness of this refreshing liquid: the explosion of sweet summer fruits blended so perfectly you can’t put your finger on individual flavours. Fruits and menthol are always a good mixture, not just at the heat of summer. Treat yourself with something delicious, try the gorgeous Fruitilicious!

Fruit Salad


The traditional Fruit Salad is quite a sweet confectionary from our childhood, we just loved to chew them all the time. If you want to bring back some good memories or just try a real sweet mixture of raspberries and pineapple then you are in the right place. It leaves the familiar freshness of a chewing gum in your mouth afterwards, reminding that you’ve just had an awesome vape from a perfectly crafted juice!


Refreshing zesty lemonade

Summer is not the best season for witches. Their skin is burning by the hot sunlight, but they’ve found the solution in the form of a special Lemonade: it cools you down while you are getting refreshed, but on cold night it just relaxes your mind. The mixture of summer fruits will charm you with its sour and sweet sensation, and at the end you are get a run of goose-bumps from the touch of a cold breeze.


Lemon Cheesecake


This juice is a combination of smooth creamy sweet cheese, zingy lemon and crunchy biscuit base.


Exotic mango from the tropics

A full, rich fruit flavour from the Witchcraft laboratory, as simple as it can be, but – as usual – a lot more than that. Even biting into a fresh juicy mango can’t describe how beautiful is to vape the symbol of love, it just fills your heart with tropical warmth all day long!



A really simple, fresh menthol

The Witchcraft liquid range is mostly about blended flavours, but in this case we thought about vapers who prefer a simple, elegant menthol taste. It doesn’t want to freeze you in place, but it will give you the impact and freshness of a cold menthol liquid. You can use it alone or mix it with others if you want some added extra breeze. Pure. Simple. Menthol. That’s it!

Menthol X


The Witchcraft liquid range is mostly about blended flavours, but in this case we thought about vapers who prefer a simple, elegant menthol taste. It doesn’t want to freeze you in place, but it will give you the impact and freshness of a cold menthol liquid. You can use it alone or mix it with others if you want some added extra breeze. Pure. Simple. Menthol. That’s it! 


Sweet mixture of spearmint and peppermint

With most of the mint flavours out on the market there is just one small problem: they all have a strong menthol taste too. We wanted to create a really good, fresh minty sensation, but without the huge menthol impact – what came out as a result is a marvellous mint flavour that is still refreshing, but can be vaped easily even by people who don’t normally prefer menthol type liquids. Perfect as an all-day vape, as an after dinner treat or to mix with other flavours, but beware, it’s really addictive.


Blend of exotic fruits in a perfect mixture

Can you imagine all of your favourite fruits mixed together in a perfect blend? We know what’s best for your tastebuds, so we created Mojo, the ultimate fruit blend for everyone. It’s not trying to be a tutti frutti flavour because Mojo is far better than that, every person gets a different taste from it, a sweet taste that you’ll never tire of!


Heavenly almond and coconut cake

There are a lots of legends about the full moon, but all of the gossip is about the state of the glorious orb and not the real power of it – the Moonshine itself. Just like the glaze this flavour is soft, creamy, and sweet, it’s like the silky touch of the evening light. On the first draw you’ll feel like you just had a bite of an amazing almond cake, but in seconds the aftertone will arrive and you will get the real sensation of this complex flavour.

Pink Lemonade

Sweet and tangy pink lemonade…

In the heat of summer a fresh lemonade is one of the best drinks to cool yourself down, but sometimes it’s even better to add extra sweetness to it – that’s how we created our Pink Lemonade flavour, a sweet and zingy nectar that once you’ve started vaping you’ll never want to put down!


Lush mix of pomegranate and blueberry

Pomberry combines our wonderful Pomegranate blended with Blueberry for a truly unique and enticing flavor.


Creamy peanut butter and chocolate …

Surely the Devil had come to SALEM in 1692. Wives, daughters, sisters were taken away for being bewitched. But in the 21st Century you can give a pinch of magic to your life without being punished – for this we have mixed just the right potion to you. Treat yourself with the enchanting flavours of the wild peanut with a hint of chocolate coming together in a smooth creamy flavor. No wonder you will love this juice


Nutty dry flavour, perfect for substituting tobacco…

Quitting smoking is a really hard process, it needs endurance and self-control – but you can use a Shortcut to make it a lot easier! This flavour is just as dry as the smoke from a normal cigarette, but it doesn’t leave the horrible ashtray aftertaste in your mouth – that means you can enjoy your usual habit in a completely new, improved way. No more smelly clothes, no more stained teeth, just a good dry hit from the future of smoking – your lungs will love it!


Fresh handpicked strawberries

Introducing the best Strawberry liquid around with a little added plus! Thanks for the secret recipe this flavour will give you what you can expect from a real strawberry and much more! The intro is like biting in a stunningly sweet strawberry, and thanks for the blend the aftertaste will stand out for a good time, leaving a tongue-tingling sensation. It’s even perfect for mixing with any other flavour to get a new experience!

Strawberry Milkshake

Fluffy and milky strawberry milkshake

Milkshake fans, this one is for you! Early reviews from customers hinted at a likeness to Yazoo or a McDonalds strawberry milkshake which we were delighted with. Comprised of strawberry & cream flavourings this creamy strawberry milkshake e-liquid flavour is our current best seller. Our lab spent a long time trying to get a strawberry e-juice that doesn’t taste artificial and they certainly cracked it.

The Joker

Nutty vanilla flavour with a touch of mint

The Joker is the ultimate card of the deck, which can transform to anything that you need at the moment, just like this flavour. It could be a perfect choice if you want the dry touch of a tobacco, or you feel the desire to get something creamy, or if you just need something new, extraordinary. It’s not like anything that you’ve tried before, but it’s definitely worth a shot, because anyone can find their own satisfaction in it.


A real roll-up type tobacco flavour

For those who are switching from the traditional cigarettes to vaping we wanted to create the best possible substitute that still has the characteristic aftertaste of smoking, so the Tobacco flavour has born! Perfect replacement for beginners and people who don’t want to move far away from the original feeling of having a cigarette.


Tobacco Legend

The closest attempt to traditional cigarettes

If you want to stick with the traditional tobacco flavour, then this will suit your needs, because it’s the nearest attempt that you can get! It’s dry, intense, everything you want from a strong tobacco, and more! We have some other flavours that are “tobaccoish”, but not this one, because this is literally a real tobacco – you will feel that you are not vaping, but having a normal cigarette!


Sweet kiwi and watermelon with a twist…

Every ancient Tribe had a profile for their hunters and farmers, the desired animals and plants are always chosen by their shaman. Our Tribe had a fruit choice of juicy watermelon and kiwi with an extra blessing from our Witchdoctor, and as a result at harvest a beautiful combination of fruits has been created and became a gorgeous all day vape!



One of the most popular American cakes is now ready to take over the world in liquid form! The description of the cake suggests it’s just a simple sponge cake with cream filling, but Twinkie is much more than that: a round sweet flavour with a creamy undertone that you can’t describe with words, you have to try it to get an idea of how delicious it is. You will enjoy every single draw from it!



The best out of all of the summer fruits as a standalone flavour, a gorgeous big Watermelon has arrived to the Witchcraft range! The best fruit to have on a hot summer day is now available in liquid form, giving you the feeling of having a big bite from a tasty Watermelon with each end every draw!

Witches Breath

Honey and lemon with a freezy kick

No one thought that someone’s breath could be refreshing and exciting – unless it’s the smell of the breath of a Witch. When it reaches you, the first impression is something sour. Citrus like feel, but then it will freeze your heart and lungs with a big blast of cold, fresh air. While this flavour is all about refreshing and releasing your lungs from the chains of smoking it also has something that will warm you up, a bit of sweetness that lives inside even the dark Witches.

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