Hoot Juice Bottle Mate
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    Hoot Juice Bottle Mate

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    Hoot Juice Bottle Mate

    3 in 1 shortfill cap removal tool is a brilliant and simple tool for opening shortfill bottles and 10ml nibs. Why should you own one? Removing tops from any e-juice or shortfill bottle is a messy, timely and tricky business. Bottle Mate is the only tool you will ever need. Just push and lift to get the top off.

    Bottle Mate is designed with two removal features. One takes caps of the bigger shortfill bottles ( 60ml and 120ml ), and the other does the same with smaller 10ml bottles. To open any vape juice bottle has never been so easy and required so little effort. Your screwdrivers, pliers, teeth and nails will thank you for it. Bottle Mate e-juice opener is portable and made of high-quality full metal construction in black colour.

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